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Lets Collaborate!

Now booking for on-site consultations, employee training and education, freelance design and so much more! Just click the "Connect" button and let's chat!


In-Shop Consultations

Bring me in to visit your store, to chat merchandising, branding, social media and future plans. This is where you walk away with big goals and a comprehensive plan to to

reach them!

Employee Education

Let me join your team for a few hours or a few days. I can

level-up their design skills while streamlining workroom productivity.

At Your Service

Customer service is the keystone to your business.

Your team needs to be on the same page and I

can help them get there. A few hours of my

Service Bootcamp will have your team clamoring

to answer the phone!

Freelance Design and Event Logistics

There are few things that make me happier than seeing a

goal on paper and bringing it to real-life. Lighten your load

by letting me join your event design team as a contributing member, or the logistical lead.

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