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A bit about me

Flower nerd...yup, that's me! 
I hail from the suburbs of Philadelphia and I love all things flowers, especially learning about them and spreading my flower know-how. A few decades in retail has fostered a fierce customer service background in me. Ten years of management has shown me what it means to be a true leader and how to utilize the strengths of those around me. A dozen years of immersing myself in network circles that include designers at the top echelon of their craft has lead me to strive toward that too....something I will always be reaching for as there is never an end to learning. 
Now an International educator, a presenter, a traveler, a bud to all flower friends that I meet, a freelancer and a connector...this industry is truly my life! 

Oh yeah....and a proud member of the

American Institute of Floral Designers, the American Academy of Floriculture, and the

Professional Floral Communicators International!  

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